Dealer Network Ceremony of Regal Empire


The newly developments of the newly advanced project have been introduced and visited by the property investors and famous property tycoons from twin cities.

Of course, we are all inspired and full of curiosity to know and to see the newly advanced infrastructure and developments of the newly introduced project. It was offering Smart Lock Apartments for the smart brain people. So, you can get the control (door locks etc) of your flat on your finger taps by the help of your smart phone. Therefore, wherever you are, without asking to anyone or worrying about the locks whether you left the locks opened or locked them you can check all details on your smart phone.

What is Regal Empire?

Regal Empire is a latest project come up the luxurious lifestyle having the advance technology and smart construction specially designed for the smart brain people. Geographically, the project is in the beautiful society Park View City commercial downtown Islamabad.

Beginning of Regal Empire:

The project has been started since March 2021 by the Developers from Regal Marketing owned by Vision Group of companies.

NOC of Regal Empire :

Regal Empire got the NOC from Capital Development Society Islamabad (CDA). So, this project is fully legal and has been authorized by all concerned authorities. There is no objection of developments until or unless remain to the dedicated boundaries.

Features and Exceptional Qualities of Regal Empire :

The supreme and lavish commercial project is full of standardized facilities containing 24/7 elevator facility, beautiful lake view, air-conditioned rooms, food court, artificial lake of 100 kanals, wide roads, online assist management through IOS/android application, and one of most advanced and exceptional feature of the project is smart lock that has been specifically designed and introduced for the smart people.

Ground Floor:

Regal Empire offers shops on the ground floor from where buyers can get easily whatever they want to buy. Shopping from Ground Floor is a time saving plan as well as easily carriable to take it into your car.

First and Second Floor:

The project has been designed with the aim of smart and advanced infrastructure. Second floor has been dedicated for the professional to done with their jobs and task that has been assigned to them. If some can get stuck in traffic or come late due to some logical reason, he/she might get into his/her office on the First and Second Floor. Without taking extra time or to be later from their work.

Third & 4th Floor:

Third and fourth floor has been designed for the one and two bed and for studio apartments. Studio apartments are best opportunities for investors. More than that buying a studio apartment is good source of rental income.

5th and Sixth Floor:

Top floor of the Project has been constructed for the one and two bed apartments. If you are thinking of living alone, you can get the one-bedroom apartment but instead of buying one bed apartment then better option is to go for two bed apartments where you will get the more space for what you want to do.

Participants of the Ceremony:

The most well known and famous personalities of the twin cities participated in the Dealer Network Ceremony. Followings are the names of some Real Estate tycoons:

Arsalan Janjua (CEO of Nucellus Marketing), Salman Khan (Managing Director), Shahzaib Khan Afridi (Managing Director of Araazi), Usama Khushal (CEO of Khushal MKTG), Adeel Shaikh (CEO of AD Marketing), Ali Nasir (CEO of 5Star ), Maqsood Ahmad (CEO of Vision Life Marketing) and Shahzaib Khan (Managing Director of Regal Marketing).

Dealer Network ceremony of regal empire

The chief Guest of the Dealer Network Ceremony was the experienced personality Irfan Rafiq (CEO of Regal Marketing). “We have once again been able to show you this year the Real Estate outstanding construction and the advanced way of living breaking the records of luxury” stated on the ceremony.

Dealer Network ceremony of regal empire

All the well-known and experienced personalities enjoyed the ceremony and really appreciated the construction and developmental work of the advanced project.


The Dealer Network Ceremony has been organized to introduce the newly Residential and Commercial project Regal Empire. Which provide much better opportunities and provides a good source of rental income more than that a good and luxury place live in. In both perspective whether to live in or to invest in you may get the reward.


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