Development Process of Regal Empire


Islamabad, the most beautiful city in Pakistan is completely planned and a hub of all advanced facilities. Because of luxurious lifestyle and the eye-catcher advancement and beauty increasing interest of people to move here. To meet the demands, there are seven ongoing best commercial and residential projects in development process among Regal Empire is one of the finest and best projects located in the heart of Parkview City Commercial-Downtown Islamabad.

An Overview of Regal Empire

Regal Empire has been designed after extensive research of residents’ and investor’s requirements and their demands. The exemplary project has been in Developing Phase since May 2021.

The locality of the dual occupancy project is in the heart of evergreen natural beauty Parkview City Commercial-Downtown Islamabad. Developments of Regal Empire in natural greenery attract not only businessmen but also attracts tourists.

Regal Empire has been designed and planned of SIX Floors offering shops, one bed, two bed, and fully furnished studio apartments according to the desired of smart brain people.

overview of regal empire

Features and amenities of Regal Empire contain entertainment and Fitness clubs, Grand Mosque, Hospitals, 24/7 Emergency facilities, Purified Water, Pollution Free Environment, 24 Hours Power Supply with the installation of newly advanced Solar Systems. Moreover, we will talk about the most Advanced and Exceptional Features in the next passage, that have been added to the developments process of the Regal Empire.

Faridia Engineering and Services with extensive experience in construction are the developers of the Regal Empire. The owners of the Regal Empire won the hearts of investors and residents only in a couple of years because of hard work, uniqueness, credibility, and timely developments.

A recent Dealer Network Ceremony has been inaugurated on the site of the Regal Empire to introduce the Smart Features and to get the virtual experience.

Smart and Specialized Feature of Regal Empire

1.Smart Doors

Smart Doors helps you to get access to your doors with the help of a virtual assistant. The Keyless/Smart Doors are more secure and safe than the traditional deadbolts. However, if you are at work, you can let your guest in by remote access of Smart Doors.

smart doors at Regal Empire

2.Smart Locks

As we all know keys can be misplace, drop, or lost, and sometimes reaching out to keys become a difficult task. Therefore, Smart Locks are more friendly and convenient.

3.Advance Security

Advanced security system maximizing your home security. Even you can get security alerts on your smartphone and can monitor every activity. Followings are the VAS (Value Added Services) in advanced Security:

advanced Security

  • Video Surveillance
  • Sensors
  • Alarm System
  • Fire, CO, and Flooding Sensors
  • Automated Locks

4.Video Doorbell

Video doorbell helps you to let you know the person standing on your doorstep without opening it. Not only does a video doorbell help you to see the person standing outside the door but also provides you a two-way communication facility.

5.Outdoor Security Camera

Newly Smart outdoor cameras allow you to monitor and connect with your home equipped with motion and sound detection.

6.Smart Lights

Smart lights help you to customize the lights remotely according to the need. Smart lights save energy and reduce electricity consumption as well.

Pak Muzaffar Cable (Brand) will be used in electric cables, while electric accessories (switch, plug, and power plug) will be using of Aqua Brand and light will be used of Osaka.

Smart Voice and Face Recognition

Smart Features contains voice assistants usually help you with voice commands and answer the user with specific details. It can answer questions, perform different tasks such as playing music or making a quick phone call. Meanwhile, face recognition increasing security and prevents unnecessary human interactions.

The developing project of Regal Marketing is not only a commercial hub containing all advanced facilities but also has a payback option.

Developments Phases of Regal Empire

Faridia Engineering and Services has been granted the initiative for the developments of Regal Empire. The agreement between the Regal Empire and Faridia Engineering and Services (Contractor) has been signed on 24th April 2021. The owner has given his Plot no: D62-63 for construction purposes on Main Road, Commercial-Downtown Islamabad.

development Phase Of regal Empire

To get the best results of the Development Process of Regal Empire, it has been divided into four Phases:

1st Phase

In the 1st phase of Development approved drawing by Parkview City Islamabad and standard quality material (steel, 60 grade, concrete of Batching Plant) has been ensured. While, an excavation that includes trenching, wall shafts, environmental restoration, mining, construction, and underground had been completed.

Moreover, the difficult tasks of corner benchmark, surveying top, and ground levels, approved depths, and the constructions of protection buds and drains. However, two main purposes of the Foundation of the project, distribute the weight from loadbearing walls to the soil and to keeping the groundwater out have been completed too.

As we all know Ground Floor plays a vital role in the construction of any building because the inhabitant safety, house security, and the stability of upper construction effectively depend on the ground floor. For this purpose, standardized quality of Steel 60 grade, high-quality Sand of Lawrenceburg and Ghazi, Concrete by Batching Plant, and imported China floor tiles will be used.

2nd Phase

Several key factors play a crucial role to design, develop, and contracting an office and impact the business success of the project too. Faridia Engineering and Services have a wide portfolio of innovative cement, concrete solutions as well as building systems, state-of-the-art, and environmental and thermal performance. Office constructions and design will be according to the general requirement of accommodation, space for meeting, and storage area for site documentation.

1st and 2nd Floors will be having a total of seven units of different sizes. According to the agreement (which has been signed between Regal Empire and Faridia Engineering and Service), 2nd Phase will be ready by the end of 2021.

3rd Phase

The one bed and studio apartments will not be uncomfortable as it has been designed. As beautifully as one bed and studio apartment will be constructing the same luxurious amenities will be provided to enhance the beauty.

Furthermore, a comfortable workspace, bathroom with dual sinks, large bedroom, laundry and storage area, and modern kitchen is ideal for young professionals. The natural light spills into the living area and the bedroom in this contemporary apartment will be enhancing the living experience.

4th Phase

Small families and couples love and prefer to live in two-bed apartments. Therefore, the most common and preferable apartments will be providing the Regal Empire to meet their client’s expectations. The 5th and 6th floors will be providing one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, where two-bedroom apartments will be providing you more privacy. So, you and your guest will feel more comfortable in your own space.

Modern people preferring and looking for modern infrastructures and modern architectural drawing too, so, you check our advanced apartment plans collection. Moreover, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments have been planned to capture bright pops of the color set which makes it a cheerful space where one can fall in love with.


There are so many things about modern and advanced infrastructure visualization. The infrastructure and design of a building begin with its future clients, users, and owner. The owner of the project has a perceived and imagined future structure in his mind.

Regal Empire is the mixed-use of real estate developments in the evergreen natural beauty of Park View City Islamabad. Advanced and modern design by Faridia Engineering and Services contains Six Floors, residential apartments, offices, shops, and studio apartments.

Regal Empire will be providing exclusive services to its valued clients and investors. Owners of the project take care of each, and every individual, and the services and facilities will be available to everyone without any discrimination.

Regal Marketing has extensive experience in real estate has been surveyed and collected unique data from all over the investors and residents as per their desire. According to that most advanced and Smart Features have been included in the Developments of Regal Empire construction plan.


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