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Lahore Smart City is a planned mega real estate development in Punjab’s provincial capital. Lahore Smart City is not yet operational, but given that it is a metropolis with a thriving cultural and monetary scene, Smart City Lahore is expected to be a far bigger success than their first project.

Lahore Smart City has been launched, but because it is a metropolitan city as well as a hub of cultural and economic activities, Smart City Lahore is expected to be a much larger success than their first project.

According to the developers, approximately 20,000 kanals of streamlined properties have already been acquired across the Lahore bypass where this residential enterprise will be developed in a few years.

Location of Lahore Smart City:

The authorities of Lahore Smart City defined the location. This housing scheme is located near Kala Shah Kaku, in the Lahore Bypass. It is next to the interchange of Lahore. From GT Road, Lahore and the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway the housing company can be easily accessed.

The path will be accessible from Lahore Ring Road. In a couple of minutes drive residents will connect the Lahore Smart housing community with the rest of Lahore. Lahore Smart City is a little out of the main town of Lahore. Because of the urge and thrill of this city, developers took the initiative to build a housing company in distance from main Lahore.

However, all major commercial areas of Lahore are easily accessible by car within a few minutes. Located at the western end of the household, the new UET Lahore campus is a 5-minute drive from Lahore Smart City.

Master Plan of Lahore Smart City:

No particular information about the master planning and facilities provided or the characteristics of the entire housing society is currently available. From time to time, we will consistently update this information according to the forthcoming reports and when the developers reveal any information.

Whilst the official launch will remain a few weeks away, a pre-launch offer has been made by Lahore Smart City Housing Society for five Marls, ten Marla and one Kanal housing estate in the society. The number of such plots is limited.

Similarly to the Capital Smart, Lahore Smart will have a residential block, an overseas financial block, a financial square, a health care district, a silicon valley and an executive block.

Overseas Pakistanis will only qualify for a plot reservation in the foreign block, while local residents will be allowed to reserve their plots in the Executive Block and residential blocks.

Lahore Smart City Districts:

There are number of districts in the society such as

General block:

The general block consists of housing plots which are affordable and reasonable. Families of the middle class can also purchase their places in the society. The general block provides its residents with all basic needs and intelligent facilities. It will only be a residential block with houses and apartments, mezzanines and everyday shops.

Overseas block:

The overseas block is the housing society’s residential block. It includes residential plots and residential buildings. Only persons with a dual nationality or living in Pakistan can claim a plot in overseas blocks.

The Overseas Block is being constructed with all the facilities people in a foreign country can take benefit from. Inside the block are Mosque, hospitals, hotels and restaurants, shops and schools.

Executive block:

This block will have residential houses & apartments and mosque shops as well as playgrounds and trails, as any other block of the residential society of Lahore’s Smart City. The only difference is that the amenities present here are a bit more interesting than the general block and the plots are costlier in this block.

Lahore Smart City Farmhouses:

LSC offers farmhouses 1 kanal and 2 kanal to enjoy holidays and beautiful panoramic views. You can farm, keep your pets or you can have a lovely bungalow for parties, get towns, meetings for family or just have a peaceful time with your family.

Lahore Smart City Health care district:

The main location of the district is its 500 bed hospital with all healthcare facilities and specialist physicians. It has all fields. But this district also has some residential plots and villas which offer shopping and some food shops.

Lahore Smart City Sports district:

LSC will have sites and stadiums for several sports and games. The stadium is to be built of crickets, a stadium of football, a court of badminton and a sports complex. It has residential plots and villas, with cooking areas and some cafés, retail shops and mosques, as well as the health district.

Lahore Smart City Silicon Valley:

In this Lahore Smart City block the majority of technical and IT work will be done. This block includes corporate offices, IT and software firms, warehouses, technology offices, retail offices and customer services. It will also have residential plots, villas, a mosque and retail shops besides these offices

Lahore Smart City Education district:

This block is the learning centre for the housing community. In this block the society will be built many schools, colleges and a college. Those in this block are fortunate because schools are a short walk away.

Lahore Smart City Gate precinct:

It’s the first block after the housing society entrance door. The Lahore Smart City Services Office is present. In this block of residential houses and villas, 4 stars, 3 stars hotels will be constructed.. This block will include retail and business shops, food tables, glossary stores and the mosque.

Lahore Smart City Financial square:

The financial gate is comprised of office, banks, conference centers, hospitality, retail outlets, 5-star boutique hotels, the exhibition hall and some residential apartments and daily used products are to be constructed in this block of the residential society. No commercial information is available yet, but it will be declared publicly soon.

Updated Payment Plans Lahore Smart City:

Reservations are offered at 10% discount, followed by 10% confirmation charge after 60 days. The remainder is payable over 14 equal quarterly installments in 3.5 years.

lahore smart city payment plan

Lahore Smart City 3.5 Years Payment Plan:

Lahore Smart City management plans a simple 3.5-year payment schedule for 7 MARLA and 12 MARLA at a booking price of only 20%. Development charges are exclusive to the cost. The program offers Executive and Overseas Blocks 18 quarterly installments every three months.


In the Managing Block, the total price of seven Marla plots is Rs. 2,820,000/- and in the U.S. block, Rs.2,975,000/- The total price of 12 Marla plots is Rs. 4,380,000 in the Executive Block, with Rs. 4,500,000 in the Other Block.

Amenities of Lahore Smart City:

The installations in Lahore Smart City that will not be shown by FDHL Private Limited. However, they give us the impression that amenities are similar to or more modified than Capital Smart City Islamabad.

This housing company promises to provide its inhabitants with a unique and contemporary lifestyle. The Smart City Lahore will develop into the Punjab, the First Smart City in Lahore, by incorporating innovative technology and presenting its smart attributes. We list some key characteristics of the housing company below:

  • Friendly town for the environment
  • Higher safety level
  • The environment is green and sterile
  • Underground power system Metro bus
  • 24/7 water, gas and electricity supplies
  • Smart applications and programs, such as visitor location, weather forecasting, power, Internet
  • Many international hotels, shops, sport resorts, community clubs, discounts and restaurants.
  • Intelligent and modern house program
  • High-quality infrastructure
  • Overseas Special Block
  • Mosque of Jamia and Sector
  • Beautiful parks and lakes
  • Use of empty areas for recreation
  • Horse-riding and golf course
  • Resorts, restaurants and
  • The road between Lahore and Islamabad M 2
  • Nearby to the main Lahore areas.

Why to invest in Lahore Smart City:

Lahore Smart City is a prosperous society just like the Capital Smart City of Islamabad. This is why it can now be of great advantage to invest in this property for future years, because it’s now low-cost and as soon as the housing society is set up and developed, Lahore Smart City will become one of Lahore’s most modern, high-tech and luxury-filled, supportive societies.


In addition to developers, Lahore Smart City will be a productive investment that has never failed to provide smart housing companies. Commercial plots also come to light, although the authorities in Lahore Smart City have not yet launched them. But don’t worry; the housing company will soon start business plots too.

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