Model Town Faisalabad


Model town Faislabad is an elegant residential housing society located in Faisalabad. This housing project is sited in lush green atmosphere which is presenting mesmerizing view of the society. This residential project is also known as model town khuriawala. The management of the society aims to provide all the amenities with in affordable price.

Model Town Faisalabad Location:

This housing society is located in the prime location of Faisalabad. Presenting the stunning view on chak jhumra road, the society is an ideal place for living and investment. The surroundings of the society is covered with lush green grassland which is pleasant to watch. The society is just fifteen minutes away from the main city. The owners of the society aims to built a gated community with all up to date amenities.

Model Town Faisalabad Map:

From the map of this gorgeous housing society you can easily understand the location of model town. You can easily assess Jinnah colony and clock tower Faisalabad which is the two main iconic places of the city.

model town faisalabad location map


No Objection Certificate of Model Town Faisalabad:

No objection certificate NOC is the main element in any housing project. Many of the housing societies in Pakistan are illegal because they haven’t got their no objection certificate. The approval of government authorities can make any housing society much more profitable.

According to the Faisalabad Development Authority this housing society is partially approved from the authority. The NOC is under process, which identifies that this housing society is the best place where you can invest your money to get profit.

Master Plan of Model Town Faisalabad:

This lush green housing society is providing all the modern amenities. The master plan of this project is designed with a concept to provide attractive view of the society. This housing project will provide a peaceful environment to the residents.

The society is providing 3 marla, 4 marla, 5 marla, 6 marla, 7 marla, 8 marla, 9 marla, 10 marla, 11 marla, 12 marla, 13 marla, 14 marla, 15 marla, and 16 marla residential plots on easy payment plan. This housing society is divided into three block, named as block A, block B, and block C. The basic amenities like hospitals and schools are situated near the society.

model town faislabad master plan


The roads of the society are 25 feet wide which will allow smooth and easy two way traffic. The management of the society is providing golden chance to invest in the residential area which is suitable to the investor.

Project detail Residential area:

This stunning housing society is providing all the amenities with in affordable price range. The housing society is providing residential plots in multiple sizes. The plots are available from 3 Marla to 16 Marla. All the other facilities will be provided by the management of the society. Plots in this housing society are also obtainable on re sell. The management of the society aims to build an eco friendly atmosphere which will be beneficial for the residents of the society.

Payment Plan of Model Town Faisalabad:

This attractive housing society is providing plots of different sizes. The plots are also obtainable on re sell. As this housing society is quiet old, so many of the constructed properties are also available. The plots in the society are available from ten lakh to fifty lakh.

The constructed homes in the society is from 70 lakh to one crore. These are the price range of 3 Marla and five Marla plots and properties. Commercial area of the society is highly profitable and cost effective. As this society is few minutes away from the main city so the business in this society will be beneficial. The range of commercial property starts from seventy lakh onwards.

How to book your plot Model Town Faisalabad :

You can easily book your plot from the official sales partner of omega villa private limited. You can visit the office with the following documents which will be obligatory for the booking purpose.

• ID card copy of the investor.

• Passport size picture.

• Down payment in the form of cash, pay order or cross cheque.

Terms and Condition:

10% extra charges will be imposed for corner plot.

10% extra charges will be applied for Main Boulevard plot.

For corner plot 15% extra charges will be applied.

10% discount will be given on full payment. 5% percent discount will be applied on half payment.

Facilities and Amenities Model Town Faisalabad:

Ultra modern facilities and amenities can build the standard of any housing society. If the housing society fails to provide the services they committed before, then the reputation of the housing society become worse. This spectacular housing society is providing all the facilities which is essential for the living. Some of the facilities, they will provide to the residents of the society are

Gated Community:

Before investing in the housing society investor always demands for security and gated community. This housing society is fully secured with the strong boundary wall in all the sides of the project. Apart from that this housing project is fully protected with the security cameras and security guards. The management is fully aware of the clients need and satisfaction. The owner aims that no unlawful activity will happen within the premises of the society.

Carpeted Roads:

The management of the society is providing all the amenities to the residents. Fifty feet wide carpeted roads will be built for the residents of the society, followed by footpaths. The society will make travel easy for the investors and the families living in the society.

Parks and Fitness Clubs:

This stunning housing society presents breath taking view of the city. The residents will enjoy their morning walk in the society. The jogging lovers will get pleasure from the atmosphere of the society in morning as well as in evening. Parks are the most essential need of every human being now days.

The management of the society aims to provide this facility with many other interesting activities for the kids that will make them happy and healthy. Your afternoon walk in the society will be memorable because peaceful and eco friendly environment and striking view of the society will be at its best.

Commercial Center:

Commercial center is the important need of any housing society. If any housing society wants to provide superior services to the residents, so the commercial center can make a huge difference. Every individual prefers high quality stuff. The commercial center of this society will give you all the finest brands under one roof. This commercial center will also give you the opportunity to start your own business. The rates of this commercial center are very affordable. This commercial center will give you profitable business in limited time. Investors should not waste their time because limited shops are obtainable in this commercial center.


Religion can make the life of a man very easy. To offer the prayers and to build a strong religious connection, the management of society is making the mosque in the society. The mosque is easily assessable to all the residents, living in block A, B and block C. The mosque is build with the beautiful stones which will increase its attractiveness.


In modern day world hospitals are important need of every human being. The owners of the society are aiming to provide the facility of hospital with in the society. Apart from that the facility of clinic will be available within the society. Hospitals are located near the housing society. Hospital is five minutes away from the society.

Gas and clean water:

The city of Faisalabad is known by its natural resources, among all the occurrence of natural gas and water is most considerable. Punjab is famous for its river and clean water. The clean underground water will be accessible in the society which will make the life of the residents easy and comfortable.

Pollution free environment:

Faisalabad is considered as one of the most polluted cities around Pakistan, because of industries. The developers of the society are focusing to plant more tress. Planting will make atmosphere of the society pollution free and it will have a long lasting impact on the residents of the society. Planting will also make atmosphere eco friendly.

Electricity and solar power plants:

Load shedding is the most important challenge in Pakistan. To defeat this crisis the management of the housing society provides solar energy plants. To compete with the modern leisure, the administration is all set to build an emergency electricity system.

Model Town Faisalabad features:

State of Art Sewerage System

Cemented streets

Street lights

Jogging tracks

Community association

Wide network of roads

CCTV Security,

Guards and Motion censors

Pros Cons
Prime location
All basic amenities
Affordable payment plan
Family friendly atmosphere
Gated community
Health care
State of the Art infrastructure

Why to invest in Model Town Faisalabad:

In present circumstances investment is the essential need for every family. Real estate sector is rising day by day because public realized how much it is significant to invest in property. The cost of land is giving gainful business to the investors.

Before investing in real estate sector a human being should be conscious that which housing society or piece of land is beneficial. This gorgeous housing society is the land which is considered as gold from the point of investment. Many investors have done money making business from Model Town.

This housing society is premium regarding housing point of view. If a person is looking for a long term investment chance then this soil is considered as multibillion dollar territory.

Another supreme part of this housing project is that it is partially approved from Faisalabad Development Authority which makes this land much reliable for investment. This place is also valuable because it is near to industrial zone which is considered as the land of jobs and opportunities. These central facts can help you to invest in this exceptional housing society, which will make your life much easier and full of colors.

FAQs About Model Town Faisalabad:

Q. What is Model Town Faisalabad?

Model town is an elegant and affluent housing society in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Q. Where is this housing society located?

This housing project is situated in the prime location of Faisalabad. Presenting the eye-catching view on chak jhumra road, the society is an ideal place for living and investment.

Q. Is Model Town is legal?

According to the Faisalabad Development Authority this housing society is partially approved from the authority.

Q. What Plot sizes are obtainable in the society?

The society is providing 3 marla, 4 marla, 5 marla, 6 marla, 7 marla, 8 marla, 9 marla, 10 marla, 11 marla, 12 marla, 13 marla, 14 marla, 15 marla, and 16 marla residential plots on easy payment plan.

Q. Does Model Town have an installment plan?

Yes the housing society is offering four year easy installment plan for the ease of its investors. Plots are also available on re sell.

Q. Which amenities will the housing society provide?

This housing society will provide all the basic and modern facilities in a reasonable price.


Model Town is one of the supreme and plentiful housing projects for the residents of Faisalabad. This housing scheme is not only gratifying for residential point of view but also pleasing for commercial purpose. The most imperative part is the reputation of the developers and owner.

According to the ongoing market trends and price, the project is doing an valuable business. The price of the land is getting high day by day. Investors have shown their full attention in commercial and residential area. A good number of investors are making good money from re-selling plots.

According to the writers opinion people should invest in this housing society. This housing scheme will make their life easier and effortless.

The development is rapidly moving towards completion. Both the investors and the developers will make this housing society a high status project. With all the state of the art characteristics and amenities there is no doubt that Model Town will be one of the most prosperous housing schemes in the region of Lahore.


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