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Regal Empire

Regal Empire


Regal empire is one of the finest projects at Park view city, Islamabad. This is the commercial project by Regal Marketing. Pvt. Ltd. This project is built to provide eco-friendly environment and modern living amenities. This ultra modern commercial project is designed with a vision to provide paramount commercial facilities.

Regal Empire has been designed according to the people of visionary thoughts to provide paramount commercial and residential facilities. Owners of the project leading their services in the world of real estate because of their visionary and exemplary planning.

Parkview City Islamabad has been owned the most advanced features in the form of Regal Empire. Regal Marketing has been owned this project to provide eco-friendly environment and a modern way of living. However, Regal Marketing Pvt. Ltd. has been progressively developing the exemplary projects since 2019, which is a symbol of its exclusivity and quality driven approach. With the advanced architectural innovation and world class amenities from imagination to real and rewarding investment plans, Regal Marketing Pvt. Ltd. paves the way towards the real prosperity of the clients and the company altogether.

Nevertheless, in a couple of years, the decision making power and great sense of direction made the company reliable, innovative, and a choice of everyone.

In the begging, Regal Marketing dealt with architecture, construction, and interior designing along with performing as a credible source for real estate consultancy.

Regal Empire

Location of Regal Empire:

The commercial and residential project has been under construction in the heart of Park View City. While the housing society (Parkview City, Islamabad) is the project by Vision Group of Companies. Which is located at Malot Road, to reach there, one can have an easy access from Kuri Road. Distance of this housing society is just fifteen minutes away from main Islamabad (Sarena Hotel).

Developers of Regal Empire:

Developers and Owners of this elegant project Regal Empire are Regal Marketing with an extensive experience in real estate sector.

CEO of Regal Marketing Mr.Irfan Rafiq promises to provide the best features and amenities to its investors. Moreover, the project location in Parkview city is highly profitable from investment point of view.

They are committed to provide the opportunities to invest in shops, apartments, and offices. Being a commercial hub of the society, Regal Empire is providing a chance of a quick boost to your business with a positive and profitable return.

Ever green natural beauty and greenery of this project is makes it all an uplifting source for work, living and for tour purposes as well.

Developers of Regal Empire

The first-hand structure of the shops is heterogeneous along with fascinating architecture made to display your products or rent out with greater scope for high rental yield.
While the ideal location for the offices, luxury and fully furnished one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments in this commercial and residential project provide all the amenities to the residents.

Regal empire is one of the pioneers of foot-stepping international modern concepts and you can be contributor in this vision by doing early investments in this project.

No Objection Certificate (NOC):

Park View City is a housing and commercial project approved by CDA (Capital Development Authority). The society has got all the permissions from government authorities. Vision Group of Companies (owners of Park View City Islamabad) has given the NOC to Regal Empire, which passes all litigation of CDA and other concerned authorities. Now, owners of the Regal Empire have an aim to provide possession of the project within couple years.

Master Plan of Regal Empire:

The owners of the Regal Empire won the hearts of investors and residents only in a couple of years because of hard work, uniqueness, credibility, and timely developments.

Regal Empire has been designed and conceptualized after doing an extensive research of the residents’ and investor’s needs and requirements.

This spectacular commercial project with the dual occupancy in the heart of Park view city, commercial downtown provides a stunning view to the society. As you can see from the layout design of Regal Empire, the front of the apartment will be facing the lake which will be elegant and astonishing.

Regal Empire master plan

Features and amenities of Regal Empire contain entertainment and Fitness clubs, Grand Mosque, Hospitals, 24/7 Emergency facilities, Purified Water, Pollution Free Environment, 24 Hours Power Supply with the installation of newly advanced Solar Systems.

Regal Empire has been designed and planned of SIX Floors offering shops, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and fully furnished studio apartments according to the desired of smart brain people.


Ground Floor contains NINE different shops of different sizes according to the investors needs and requirement.

regal empire shops


Offices of the Regal Empire have been more personalized and employee-centric than ever, will be giving people a more comfortable place where they (employees) have to spend their working hours. With new approaches to office customization and the way employees interact are breathing new life into the workplace.

shpoa at regal empire

One-Bedroom and Studio Apartments

Regal Empire created the one-bedroom and studio Apartments to inspire and encourage the residents of such places to use their imagination and creativity. Owner’s experience leads them to believe that the compact living is a global trend that in the future will become stronger.

studio apartment

One-Bedroom and Two-Bedroom Apartments

Regal Empire offers facilities according to the resident’s needs, whether you're seeking affordable for one-bedroom or two-bedroom spaces near the area's major employers or prefer loft-style units in modern commercial downtown building.

1 bed apartment

2 Bed Apartment:

2 bed apartment

Ground Floor Map:

Ground floor regal empire

First Floor Map:

First floor regal empire

Second Floor Map:

regal empire second floor

Third Floor Map:

third floor regal empire

Fourth  Floor Map:

regal empire fourth floor

Fifth Floor Map:

regal empire fifth floor

Six Floor Map:

regal empire sixth floor

Payment Plan of Regal Empire:

Regal Empire payment plan containing SIX floors offering shops, offices, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and studio apartments. Booking prices varies from smallest to largest are 1,643,250 to 3,155,250 for shops, 1,545,600 to 3,353,400 for offices, and 693,000 to 1,173,000 for one-bedroom and studio apartments.


Regal Empire Payment Plan

Regal empire payment plan


Facilities and Amenities in Regal Empire:

This spectacular commercial project is providing all the essential facilities for the living. Before investing in any project investor always demands for security and gated community. This housing society is fully secured with the strong boundary wall in all the sides of the project.

Smart Doors

Smart Doors helps you to get access to your doors with the help of a virtual assistant. The Keyless/Smart Doors are more secure and safe than the traditional deadbolts. However, if you are at work, you can let your guest in by remote access of Smart Doors.

Smart Locks

As we all know keys can be misplace, drop, or lost, and sometimes reaching out to keys become a difficult task. Therefore, Smart Locks are more friendly and convenient.

smart doors at Regal Empire

Advance Security

Advanced security system maximizing your home security. Even you can get security alerts on your smartphone and can monitor every activity.

Video Doorbell

Video doorbell helps you to let you know the person standing on your doorstep without opening it. Not only does a video doorbell help you to see the person standing outside the door but also provides you a two-way communication facility.

Outdoor Security Camera

Newly Smart outdoor cameras allow you to monitor and connect with your home equipped with motion and sound detection.

Outdoor Security Cameras in Regal Empire

Smart Lights

Smart lights help you to customize the lights remotely according to the need. Smart lights save energy and reduce electricity consumption as well.

Smart Voice and Face Recognition 

Smart Features contains voice assistants usually help you with voice commands and answer the user with specific details. It can answer questions, perform different tasks such as playing music or making a quick phone call. Meanwhile, face recognition increasing security and prevents unnecessary human interactions.

Smart Voice and Face Recognition in Regal Empire

The developing project of Regal Marketing is not only a commercial hub containing all advanced facilities but also has a payback option. Bullets point of the Luxury project are:

  • Prime Location
  • Fully Furnished Apartments
  • Smart Technology
  • Dedicated Swimming Pool
  • Highly Secured Security System
  • Elevators
  • Terrace View
  • Virtual Assistant

Regal Empire Features:

Every project has some important amenities and features which make the project successful. Some major features of Regal Empire are:

  • State of Art Sewerage System
  • Cemented streets
  • Street lights
  • Jogging tracks
  • Community association
  • Wide network of roads
  • CCTV Security,
  • Guards and Motion sensors

Value added services:

The management of the society is giving the after sales services to the investors of Regal Empire. The after sales services are:

  • Full Furnished Apartments
  • 1 Year after Sale Services
  • Margilla Hills View
  • 24/7 Elevator
  • 24/7 Security Surveillance
  • Wide Roads
  • Sensor Lights
  • Elevator
  • Food Court in Vicinity
  • Terrace View
  • Artificial Lake of 100 Kanal At Back
  • Online Asset Management through IOS/Android Application

How to book your apartment, shop and offices:

you can easily book your apartment, shop, and office from the Regal Marketing Private Limited. Or you can visit our office with the following documents, as these are mandatory for the booking process.

  • ID Card copy of the investor
  • Passport Size Picture
  • Down payment in the Form of Cash, Pay Order or Cross Cheque
  • Passport for foreign investor

Why to invest in Regal Empire:

Before investing in real estate sector, a human being should be conscious that which housing society or piece of land is beneficial. This gorgeous commercial project is the land which is considered as gold from the point of investment. Regal Empire is one of the most elegant commercial projects at park views city.

This commercial project is providing all the modern facilities and amenities to the residents as well as the investors. It will automatically increase the chance to build a money-making business. Another supreme part of this housing project is that it is approved from Capital Development Authority.

This project is premium regarding commercial point of view. If a person is looking for a long-term investment chance, then this soil is considered as multibillion dollar territory. These central facts can help you to invest in this exceptional housing society, which will make your life much easier and full of colors.


1. What is Regal Empire?
Regal Empire is the commercial project at Park view city, Islamabad.
2. Where is this project located?
This commercial project is located at the commercial downtown of park view city, Islamabad.
3. Is this project Legal?
This commercial project has got its NOC from the society. As well the society has got all the permissions from CDA and other government authorities.

4. What are the details of this commercial project?
The management of the society is providing shops, offices and apartments in the project. The sizes of the shops, apartments and offices are differing from the other.
5. Does the project have an installment plan?
This commercial project has two years of installment plan. The management will give the possession of this project within two years.
6. Which amenities will the management provide  ?
This commercial project will provide all the basic and modern facilities in a reasonable price.

7.How this Project different from other projects ?

Regal Empire come up with the most advanced and smart features for the residents and employees.

8.What are the famous Projects of Regal Marketing ?

Currently, Regal Marketing deals in the authorized projects of Discovery Gardens Islamabad, Park View City Islamabad, and Park View City Lahore.


Regal Empire is one of the supreme and lavish commercial projects in the commercial downtown of Park View City Islamabad. Owners of this project is aiming to build stunning infrastructure of Regal Empire. This residential and commercial project will be providing all the modern amenities and facilities to the residents and investors.

Becoming the part of Regal Empire will give a quick boost to your business. Meanwhile, area of this project plays an integral role because it is the commercial hub of the Park View.

According to the ongoing trending demands of the market, Regal Empire is a best place for investment and for living too. Don’t hesitate to invest in this project and to get a profitable return from the land of Commercial-Downtown Park View City Islamabad.

For booking, or consultancy, you can contact or visit our office.


Type: Project
Status: For Sale


  • 24/7 Elevator
  • Air conditioning
  • Balcony
  • Bedding
  • Concrete flooring
  • Garage
  • Heating
  • Internet
  • Lake view from balcony
  • Landscaping
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Pool
  • Sauna
  • Tennis courts


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