15 Reasons to Invest in Parkview City Islamabad


Parkview City Islamabad is a luxurious residential and Turkish-style project located at the premium location of zone iv in the heart of Islamabad.

This housing society is surrounded by the natural evergreen hills. The routes among vegetal gardens located at the edge of park view makes the society beautiful and easily accessible from different points. One should not be worried if heading to Park View city.

The most important question that sticks in everyone’s mind is the authorization of society which must be by the concerned departments!

Luckily, Parkview city Islamabad is the only society in zone iv that has been granted NOC (No Objection Certificate) by the CDA (Capital Development Authority).

The project is owned by Vision Group of Companies known and famous for their commitments and high efforts to fulfill the requirements and needs of their clients.

The new and advanced way of infrastructure will be proven as not only a comfortable zone of living, but the unique style is most probably expected to be a trending style of residency.

15 reasons to invest in Park view city Islamabad are as follows :

1: Infrastructure

Of course, it’s quality construction with a unique style of infrastructure like Turkish residency. Beyond infrastructure, serene landscape, and the surrounding greenery of Bani Gala attracts and catches the investor’s eye and makes it unique and prominent among the surrounding societies.

Infrasture Park View City Islamabad

Grand mosque designed according to the Turkish culture, renowned educational institutions, lush green belts, parks and wide road networks, hospitals with highly advanced equipment and experts makes the sense to investors to invest in Park view City.

2: Accessibility

Whenever it comes to investment or living in a place, the first and most important question will be the same as usual and that is the location of a project/society/ plot/ house etc.

Park View City is accessible from all the famous and main points where one can arrive easily at any time.

Everyone is keen on loving greenery and loves to stay and live in such an amazing place. The natural beauty of the Bani Gala is famous in that perspective.

Park View is located at Malot Road on the drive of fifteen minutes from Kashmir Highway. However, the surrounding societies Baharia Enclave and Park Enclave are making this area more diverse and fuller of commercial and business activities that increase the quality of life.

3: Multiple Routes

Kurri Road, Islamabad Expressway, Kashmir Highway, Blue area, and Murree Road are all those famous routes from where a person can get easily arrive to the premium location of Park view city.

Kashmir Highway is at 15 minutes’ drive from Malot Road,

Park view City Location

Murree Road and Islamabad Expressway is on the drive of 15 to 20 minutes, while the commercial hub of Blue area is at the drive of 20 to 25 minutes only from the residential and the ideal society.

4: Authorized Project

To get approval or being legal from the concerned authorities is an important factor for the secure investment. In Pakistan, Capital Development Authority (CDA) is the most authentic and government organization in the world of real estate to get approval from.

Park view city Islamabad has been formally approved and granted NOC (No Objection Certificate) by the CDA since 2018.

So, the developers are free to use their developments rights, free from any kind of restrictions as long as they work according to the regulations set by the concerned department.

However, Pakistani people especially those living abroad should not fear their money because it is a project approved already by the authorities. Therefore, they must not be worried about the hard-earned money because it will be in safe hands.

5: Flexible Plan

Park View City has come up with a flexible payment plan which offers 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plot. In those plans, an individual can get his/her plot with a 10% down payment while 10% will be an addition as confirmation charges.

The project is expected to be ready for the community in a couple of years.

Block A and B have been already about on completion stages. This project not only brings a luxurious and comfortable life but the lush green surrounding of Bani Gala also gives a wave of inner peace to soul and body.

A payment plan is quite easy and simple that should be completed in 10 equal quarterly installments.

6: How to Book?

Vision Group of Companies is not going to ask you for bringing a bundle of documents nor to go to an institute for a tiring process of documents attestation.

The booking procedure is easy, simple, and transparent, all you need to bring out is

  • A copy of the National Identity card of the applicant and one of a nominee
  • 2 formal size photographs
  • And a receipt of 20% of the down payment

7: About the Owners

Vision Group of Companies is owned by the well-known high profile person Mr. Aleem Khan. He is a senior Pakistani politician, senior minister of Punjab, and has been a member of the Provincial Assembly of Punjab since 2018.

The purpose of talking about the developers is to inform you about their reliability and past performance.

Park View City Islamabad is the first project by the Vision Group in Islamabad. Their previous projects have been completed in Lahore with the entire satisfaction of their clients.

Now, they are going to establish and show their unique way of creative work in the capital of Pakistan.

8: Area of the Plots

Area-wise, park view city is offering wide and broad plots as compared to average societies. 5 Marla plot is equal to 1300 square feet while the dimension of the plot is 26 * 50. Furthermore, 10 Marla is 2450 in sq. foot with the dimension of 35 * 70.

Plots in park view city Islamabad

Prices of the Park View City is going higher than high while the number of available plots is decreasing gradually as well.

So, instead of waiting for a while just get the right consultant that will help you in making the right decision at the right time.

9: Healthy Environment

Because the society lies at the premium location of zone iv that is near to the beauty of Margalla Hills as well as the greenery of Bani Gala.

Parks in park view city Islamabad

This ever-green area not only decreases harmful substances but also provides and increases natural exposure. Which ultimately leads to a healthy environment.

10: Entertainment Arena

Park view city Islamabad provides the best facilities for sports activities and outing spots. Where you can spend your spare time with your family or friends.


So, no need to go to any gymnasium or an organization to practice your favorite game as they provide highly expensive services. In the society, these facilities are on walking distance and free of cost.

11: Grand Mosque

Society provides a separate sector for a Grand Mosque that is peaceful and free of external noise. Therefore, no external factors can divert a person’s intention during prayer.

Sector separation keeps it peaceful from children noise while they play and from the unusual traffic horns as well.

mosque in park view city islamabad

12: Secure Society

The newly advanced society having the modern infrastructure is providing advanced security types of equipment to their highly trained security officials.

There should be no entrance to an unauthorized person without proper identification and clearance of security matters.

Installation of advance CCTV is a plus point for monitoring every activity and to keep the record as evidence in case of any suspicious activity.

13: Terrace and Patio

As we know, Islamabad is famous for its beauty and the ever-green natural sceneries. While living in your apartment at Park view city Islamabad, you can explore the morning glory from the terrace with morning coffee and you may also enjoy the sun set from the patio holding a cup of tea with the company of your loved ones.


14: Reduced Prices but Limited Time

Due to the growing project and eye-catching location, the prices of the beautiful society are increasing after July 31st.

So, get your appointment now and get the advantage of the opportunity.

This will not only be a positive return on your investment but can be a good monthly rental opportunity too.

15: Step in to Grow in

Fast growth and the past successful developments of Vision Group of Companies are showing their reliability and the utmost hard work for their clients and the investors.

However, some got their dream home while some have boosted their money by investing in their (Vision Group of Companies) projects.

reasons to invest in park view city Islamabad

You might be the one whether to get your dream home or to get a good return on your investment or to get both.

Therefore, click on the website www.regalmarketing.com.pk or pick up the phone to contact us or drop a comment here.


All the essential points and queries have been justified and described above. So, read it out, take your time or get the consultancy services from us.

We would be happy to find you the most suitable and affordable place.

For any kind of query or clarification feel free to contact us.


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