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Ring road Rawalpindi is a multibillion dollar project that will increase the investment opportunities in twin cities. The project was designed to facilitate the locals as well as the business community.

Ring Road Rawalpindi Scandal:

Rawalpindi Ring Road mega corruption case is one of publicized scandals that have shaken the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Senior government officials, political leaders, and several ministers were involved in this mega scandal.

PM Imran Khan initiated the inquiry against all the officials who were involved in this case. Few involved stakeholders changed the master plan of Rawalpindi ring road just to gain personal interests, changing in master plan cost government multibillion loss.

Ring Road Rawalpindi Inquiry Report:

According to inquiry details Commissioner Rawalpindi Captain (Retd.) Muhammad Mahmood is involved in unlawfully altering the arrangement of Rawalpindi’s 65km long Ring Road project. The investigation said that former commissioner provided rent-seeking incentives for himself and a variety of housing projects in flagrant violation of laws and regulations.

These societies are Nova City, Blue World City, Capital Smart City, New Airport City/Al Asif Housing, Top city, SAS Developers, and Islamabad Capital Housing Society.

Addition of Moorat-Attock Loop and Paswaal Zigzag to project of Rawalpindi Ring Road was made solely to favor private interests, with support of powerful elected officials, and powerful bureaucrats. The investigation report said that Government was kept in darkness about confidential details of the project.

According to inquiry, project was illegally marketed on March 1, 2021, with assistance of a political party leader. Former commissioner “ensured reckless speed” on illegal alignment when confronted with obvious illegalities, according to investigation report. The commission investigated that illegal build-up of ring roads may have diverted ten billion rupees.

Ring Road Rawalpindi latest news:

According to latest information, case is referred to NAB and establishment division “National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has been asked to investigate Rs2.3 billion spent illegally by Ex-Commissioner Muhammad Mahmood on illegal land acquisition to create R3 centric hype to raise sales of real estate associated with him and influential public office holders in the past and present.

What should the investor do now?

The investigation on this scandal will go longer. People should raise their voices and ask the marketing companies for their money to pay back. Investors should take out their investment from the societies which are involved in this case.

The investor should invest their money on approved projects such as Park View City Lahore, Park View City Islamabad, and Discovery Gardens Islamabad. Commercial projects are the notable options for investment points of concern. Regal Empire is one of the finest projects at Park View City, as this project is fully saved.

Why investors should buy these projects:

Projects mentioned above are safe in term of investment. Investors can invest money in a protected place. Apart from that the developers of Park View City, Islamabad and Lahore are committed and dedicated to their work. They are delivering projects before time which is their main strength.

Location is the other factor that plays a vital role in making the investment profitable. Park view city is at spot light these days because of its development status; many renowned brands have started building structures in park view city. Regal empire is facilitating its investors and end users with its prelaunch rates offer.

Regal Empire is incorporating its need of investors at all end because of its flexibility. For investors, who want to invest in shops have options of small as well as large apartments. With rental agreement that Regal Marketing ensure our investor can get good return on investment.

Talking about Discovery Gardens Islamabad, project is still in its pre-launching rates, developers of this project are Falaknaz group which are considered to be pioneers of real estate sector in Karachi Pakistan. These investment opportunities can give you a high profit.

Discovery gardens Islamabad will develop an international standard gated community that will provide all the amenities at your door steps. Reason to invest in discovery garden is its prime location and its accessibility from the capital city Islamabad.

This project will going to be second grade 8 project in twin cities. Project will have the most convenient and direct access to the M-2 highway between Lahore and Islamabad, the New Islamabad International Airport, Rawalpindi City, GT Road, Bahria Town, DHA Islamabad, and other major landmarks in the twin cities.

Future of Ring Road Rawalpindi:

Rawalpindi Ring Road project was a game-changer but due to this scandal, ring road will get delay because once the close get closed in NAB, technical department will have to craft new development plan and craft the project from very scratch once again.

Housing societies which are involved in this case can face the investigation. Prime Minister Imran Khan and other Nationals institutions are taking some severe actions. Actions taken by government can have a lethal impact on development of societies.

According to sources, National accountability bureau ‘NAB’ and Establishment division has started an investigation against political leaders, ministers, housing projects, marketing partners and all related stakeholders who were involved in this case.


Ring Road Rawalpindi scandal will have a severe impact on the real estate market of Islamabad. The national institutions and government are taking this matter very seriously. Investors should take their money from the societies which are mentioned because this case will go longer and societies can face some consequences.

Regal Marketing will advise you to invest in those societies which are safe and have high return on investment. Park View City, Lahore, and Islamabad can provide you finest investment opportunities. Regal Empire is the other good option for those who want to invest in the commercial area.

FAQs  about Ring Road Rawalpindi:

1. What is ring road rawalpindi scandal?

Ring road Rawalpindi is a high-profile case in which government officials and ministers misuse their powers to facilitate some individuals and societies.

2. What is ring road inquiry report?

PM Imran Khan initiates the inquiry against all involved individuals.

3. Which societies are involved in the ring road Rawalpindi scandal?

Nova City, Blue World City, Capital Smart City, New Airport City/Al Asif Housing, Top city, SAS Developers, and Islamabad Capital Housing Society are involved societies in this scandal.

4. What is the future of ring road rawalpindi scandal?

NAB is investigating in this case and according to the information the government will delay the project.


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