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Satellite Town Bahawalpur is a graceful residential project located in Bahawalpur. This housing project is situated in the historical region of the city, surrounded by other housing societies. The city has a rich historical background. This historical city was founded in 1748. The Nawabs of Bahawalpur ruled on this land until 1955.

Location of Satellite Town Bahawalpur:

The location of Satellite Town Bahawalpur housing society is situated in the mid of the city. This housing project is situated farid gate road, Bahawalpur. The ultimate advantage of this housing project is its primary location. . The neighboring housing societies are Muslim Town, Al-Majeed palace and royal city housing scheme. It only takes around ten minutes to reach cantt area of the city.

Assess Point of Satellite Town Bahawalpur:

This housing project is sited at the prime location of the city which makes it easier for the residents to assess it. Residents can use rafi qamar road to assess to the society. This society can be unbelievable for a long term investment and profit. The airport is situated at a drive of fifteen minutes by using the main road of the city. The owners and developers of this project promises to provide sociable commercial and residential services to the investors.

No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Satellite Town Bahawalpur:

No Objection Certificate is the most significant part for any housing society. Number of housing societies has been sealed by the authority because of illegal land cases. According to the recent information this housing society haven’t got their NOC from the authority.

Map of Satellite Town Bahawalpur:

From the map of the society you can easily understand the location and the assess points. Kanal colony, Muslim town and Dubai town are the nearby housing schemes. The optimum part of this housing project is that it is surrounded by metropolitan area.

of Satellite Town Bahawalpur

Master plan of Satellite Town Bahawalpur:

The significant part of any housing society is its master plan. The society hasn’t fully revealed its master plan. This spectacular housing project is delivering residential and commercial plots to the residents and investors. This project is intended to provide an ideal place for families who want to reside in a family sociable neighbourhood and a safe place with innovative vision and fine views.

In residential area of the society the management of the society is giving 3 Marla, 4 Marla, 5 Marla 6 Marla 1 kanal plots. On the other hand commercial area of the society is highly profitable. The management is offering 7 Marla plots at commercial area of the society.

The plots in this housing project are also available on re sell. Satellite Town Bahawalpur is a perfect housing scheme with supreme services and spotless idea. Each sector of the society is designed with a distinctive viewpoint and functionality to offer its residents an exalt livelihood.

Project Detail of residential area:

The astonishing housing project is furnish with all the essential and up to date amenities that is necessary for the excellence living. Society is offering residential plots in all the sectors of the society. Plots are off different sizes in diverse sectors. The plot sizes are from 3 Marla to 1 Kanal with all the facilities required for quality residential living.

Project details of commercial block:

Commercial block are the center part of any housing society. This exceptional housing project is providing contemporary and terrific commercial amenities to the populace. Investors have also done money making dealing in the commercial area of the society. The management is offering different size of plots in the commercial area. 7 Marla plots are obtainable in the society.

Payment Plan of Satellite Town Bahawalpur:

This spectacular housing project is providing residential and commercial plots in reasonable price. The price of three Marla residential plots starts from thirty five lakh. These plots are obtainable on re sell. The society also offers seven Marla commercial plots. The price of seven Marla commercial plots starts from five crore. The commercial area of the society is highly gainful. Investors have done money making business from this commercial area.

Terms and condition:

10% extra charges will be imposed for the corner plot.

10% extra charges will be applied for the Main Boulevard plot.

For the corner plot 15% extra charges will be applied.

10% money off will be given on full disbursement. 5% percent discount will be applied on half payment.

How to book your plot of Satellite Town Bahawalpur:

As this society is providing all kind of facilities and services, so it is high to start investing in this society. You can easily book your plot in phase two. Plots are available on re sell at phase one of the society.

• ID card copy of the investor.

• Passport size picture.

• Down payment in the form of cash, pays order, or cross cheque.

Facilities and Amenities:

Ultra modern conveniences and amenities can make the standard of any housing project. If the housing society fails to give the facilities they commit before, then the status of the housing society and the developers become not as good. This stunning housing society is delivering all the services which are vital for the livelihood. Some of the conveniences, they will provide to the residents and the investors of the society are:

Carpeted Roads:

The administration of this housing society is delivering all the facilities to the populace. Fifty feet wide carpeted roads will be building for the people of the society, followed by footpaths and jogging tracks. The management of society will make travel easy for the investors and the families living in the society. This will make live much happier.

Gated Community:

Before investing in any of the housing society, investor always demands for protection and gated community. This housing society is fully secured with the strong boundary wall in all the sides of the project. Apart from that this housing society is fully safe with the security cameras and security guards. The administration is fully conscious of the customers need and fulfillment. The owner aims that no illicit action will happen within the surrounding of the society.

Commercial Area:

Commercial area is the significant need of any housing project. If any housing scheme wants to give superior services to the residents, so the commercial area can make a huge distinction. Every human being prefers high class stuff. The business area of this housing project will give you all the optimum brands under one roof. This commercial area will also give you the chance to set up your own trade. The rates of this commercial center are little high but it will provide you the best business environment. This commercial area will give you advantageous business in limited time.


Religion can make the life of a man very simple. To offer the five time prayers and to build a strong religious relation, the administration of society is making the mosque in the society.

Hospitals and Clinics:

In modern day world hospitals are vital requirement of every human being. The owners of this housing society are aiming to give the facility of hospital and clinics within the housing society. Apart from that the facility of clinic will be available within the society. Hospitals are located near the housing society. Hospital is five minutes away from the society. Residents can also have all this facility within the society.

Parks and Fitness Clubs:

This eye-catching housing society presents breath taking view of this historical city. The people will take pleasure in their morning walk in the society. The jogging lovers will get delight from the environment of the society in morning as well as in late afternoon. Parks are the most crucial need of every human being now days. The administration of the society aims to provide this facility with many other attractive activities for the children’s that will make them cheerful and fit. Your afternoon walk in the society will be unforgettable because serene and eco friendly surroundings and striking view of the society will be at its best.


Load shedding is the most significant challenge in this county. To defeat this crisis the management of the housing society provides solar energy plants. To compete with the modern leisure, the administration is all set to build an emergency electricity system.

Gas and hygienic water:

The city of Bahawalpur is known by its natural resources and rich history, among all the occurrence of natural gas and water is most substantial. Punjab is famous for its river and clean water. The clean underground water will be accessible in the society which will make the life of the residents easy and comfortable.

Eco friendly environment:

This city is considered as one of the polluted cities around Pakistan, because of the waste. The developers of the society are focusing to plant more tress. Planting will make atmosphere of the society pollution free and it will have a long lasting impact on the residents of the society. Planting will also make atmosphere eco friendly.

State of Art Sewerage System:

State of art sewerage system plant will be built in the society to make sure a disinfected and eco-friendly waste removal system in the society.

Pros Cons
Major location Infrastructure is not as generous as compare to the other housing societies
All basic facilities
Reasonable payment plan
Family friendly atmosphere
Gated community
Few minutes’ drive from main city

Why to invest in Satellite Town Bahawalpur:

Investment is the important need in modern day life. The construction and real estate sector is growing day by day. Investors are generating money making business from this sector. But before investing in this sector an individual should have knowledge about the land.

Most of the time housing societies are illegal and haven’t got their NOC. Satellite Town Bahawalpur is profitable housing society. The society hasn’t got its No objection certificate yet. But on the other hand the land of this housing society is profitable. Investors should invest in the commercial area of this housing society.


Satellite Town Bahawalpur is a gorgeous housing society located in the heart of the city. This society is providing all the facilities required for living. From investment point of view this society is considered as diamond and people should start investing in this housing society.

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