Silver City Housing Scheme


Silver City Housing Scheme is a joint project of Laraib Associate & Developers and SAREMCO Pvt Ltd, NOC of Silver City Rawalpindi is approved by RDA(Rawalpindi Development Authority ). The project is a marvel of modern construction which is located near Thalian Interchange.

It has an appealing outlook due to its scenic beauty of Margalla Hills. Moreover, due to its luxurious facilities and master plan it is ranked among the best options for real estate investment in 2022.

Rawalpindi has always been a place of desire for many people to live. It has all the characteristics of a modern city as well all the features of a peaceful suburban lifestyle.

However, the population growth in Rawalpindi has been nothing but phenomenal which is why the city needs a lot of expansion in order to preserve its natural glory and beauty along with urban development necessary for its progress.

In the previous regime we saw that Rawalpindi witnessed an overhaul of its master plan with Metro being built and other avenues and highways broadened as a result of reconstruction. This time the focus is mainly on housing societies which are being introduced as a government lead policy.

One of these housing societies is Silver City Rawalpindi. The word has been buzzing for a while now therefore, it is important to give an introduction of this housing society.

The housing society is located amidst lush green environment which increases the natural attraction of this community. The ownership of a project plays a significant role in the success or failure of a housing society.

Silver City Owners & Developers

Silver City is a project of Laaraib Associate & Developers along with SAREMCO Group and is located near the New Islamabad International Airport. It will be a jewel in the vicinity of the twin cities after its completion.

Laaraib Associate & Developers is a Rawalpindi based private company which was incorporated four years ago on 13th November 2017. It has been given the license to build and develop in any place across Pakistan.

Owners & Developers of Silver City

On the other hand SARMCO (South Asian Real Estate Management Company) is a privately owned real estate management and marketing company which specializes in tasks such as marketing, research, management, administration and land acquisition.

The managing company has the responsibility in pre development phase to make the place habitable for people as a community.

SAREMCO has successfully worked on residential apartments in Lahore and housing society in Faisalabad, Gujar Khan, Sialkot, Toba Tek Singh, Sargodha and others in Sheikhupura and Jehlum as one of its projects. In any city, the location of a housing society is of critical importance.

Silver City Location

The community is being built close to the New Islamabad International Airport closer to the vicinity of the twin cities. This makes it an ideal place for a comfortable living, considering the huge amount of facilities and amenities that this community will be offering to its residents as well.

The community will be built exactly close to the Girja Road which is right now a sought after place in terms of real estate projects and many plots are on sale in this vicinity.

Location Map of Silver City Rawalpindi

This shows that in future there will be huge development around the housing scheme by other developers and private owners. This location also make it a inter provincial junction point for the Punjab province and KPK province.

The place also gives easy access for the residents to travel across the twin cities of Rawalpindi and have easy commute to the New International Airport.

Another important feature of this location is the New Rawalpindi Ring Road that increases the importance of this location by connecting it with the highways and routes around it.

Silver City Rawalpindi is accessible to every important place and land mark in the twin cities such as the CMH Rawalpindi, Al Shifa hospital Islamabad, other housing societies such as Al-Haram housing society and FOECHS.

Other places of recreation such as Ayub National Park is only 30 minutes away. The process of mapping is very important in order make a feasible living place for the inhabitants.

Silver City Map

The housing society will have a division into three sectors. These will consist of sectors A, B and C. The given map of Silver City will also have other facilities for the residents such as hospital, school, apartments, shopping mall and mosque.

Every housing society promises these facilities but you can bet on the fact that Silver City is going to definitely deliver them since it is being managed by a real estate management company as well.

The mapping has been done after thorough survey keeping in view the needs of the residents who will inhabit this housing society. The map of Silver City has been made after carefully considering the presence of important land marks and places around the society for the residents to access easily.

Silver City Nearby Landmarks & Places

Rawalpindi and Islamabad are twin cities that have a lot of important locations necessary to be included in this introduction.

These include places such as the Saddar market which is considered the main market and commercial hub of Rawalpindi city. It is going to be 45 minutes away from Silver City. Meanwhile, I-8 phase of Islamabad will also be 30 minutes from Silver City.

Nearby Landmarks & Places of Silver City

Other important land marks include the Thaliyan interchange which is only a few minutes from Silver City and the new Rawalpindi Ring Road that will make this place a very highlighted area due to close vicinity with the routes and highways.

Another reason which makes Silver City a safe zone for investment is the legal status which it now enjoys after being authorized by the RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority).

Silver City NOC

A lot of people have experienced set back after investing in real estate because of frauds and illegal status of the housing societies. It took a lot of persuasion by the owners of Silver City in order to get the NOC from RDA(Rawalpindi Development Authority). It has been awarded clearance for 241 kanal of land eventually.

Silver City Rawalpindi NOC

However, the owners are trying to get authorization of more land for the project. This is a milestone towards the success of the project since the acquisition of NOC will prevent any sort of fraud as well as legal issues with authorities in the long term.

Moreover, it will also be good for the selling purposes since the housing society’s legal status will attract more clients.

The authorization of NOC from RDA can be checked on the official website of Rawalpindi Development Authority. The facilities which are originally allocated in the master plan hold a lot of importance since these are the facilities that are delivered accordingly.

Silver City Master Plan

The feasibility study of the Silver City was done by SAREMCO (South Asia Real Estate Management Company) which is a Group of companies in Pakistan. It has used its extensive experience of many years to chalk out the master plan along with the developers.

This master plan of Silver City Rawalpindi includes social facilities as well such as health facilities, prayer area, community gathering center and educational facilities. The original plan includes division of the housing society into three sections or sectors as well.

Master Plan of Silver City Rawalpindi

It is the payment plan which counts a lot for any housing society since people are only willing to pay when there is a flexible payment plan available.

Silver City Payment Plan

The plots available in Silver City are of 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal therefore, the payment plan of Silver City Rawalpindi is divided on those basis. The total payment of a 5 Marla plot is 20,00,000 rupees which is divided into 48 monthly installments of 23,000 rupees.

Silver City Payment Plan

On the other hand it also offers 10 Marla plots which are 36,00,000 rupees in total cost with a 41,000 rupees monthly installment for 48 months. The 1 kanal plot is 70,00,000 rupees in total cost with 80,000 rupees per installment to cover the entire cost in 48 months.

There is a 250,000 rupees down payment on 5 Marla plot, 4,50,000 rupees for 10 Marla and 8,75,000 rupees for 1 kanal plots. Any housing society is only as good as its salient features which distinguish it from the rest.

Silver City Salient Features

  • Modern Community
  • 24 / CCTV Camera Surveillance
  • Clean Environment
  • Sport Complex
  • Carpeted Roads
  • Hospitals

Silver City is a grand housing scheme which is located on a scale of 241 kanal. It is a modern community which shall have up to date facilities of living. The presence of these facilities will have direct impact on increasing the life standards of people living in the society.

The vicinity in which Silver City is placed also has significance since it is closer to the highways. Moreover, the facilities which are promised by the developers include 24/7 CCTV camera surveillance.

Green belts providing greenery to the area, clean environment and parks for recreational activities. Presence of a community center to facilitate socialization among the residents. There will be a sports complex built as well in order to promote physical activities for the youngsters in the area.

Very well developed roads will offer safe and comfortable travelling for people. The central mosque is going to play a role in your daily life to perform your religious activities.

And hospitals are present that will ensure your health in case you get sick. The amenities of Silver City are also important to be mentioned here.

Silver City Amenities

Underground Wiring

The amenities of Silver City include underground wiring which will decrease the incidence of any fatal accidents from electricity. In various parts of the country we come to hear news of fatalities due to electric shocks especially in the monsoon season.

Underground Wiring System

One of the biggest reasons for that is the presence of overhead electrical wiring and electric posts within residential areas. But in Silver City that problem has been completely eradicated as the wiring goes underground. This feature makes it a progressive society having standards of a housing society from a developed country.

Security Surveillance

Other amenities include a comprehensive security surveillance system that will record, monitor and maintain the video footage of the entire day. This feature is great for not only preventing crime but also will help in catching the perpetrators of a crime.

24/7 Security Service in Silver City

Gated Community

Secondly, it will be a gated community with check posts on the entry and exit points. This is added human security that will be provided to the residents.

Gated Community at Silver City

Therefore, prevention of crime and provision of complete fool proof security makes Silver City a very feasible place to live in. The facilities will be available on a continuous basis such as the water supply etc.

Now, we need to see what the mechanism is to follow in order to book a plot in Silver City.

How to Book Plot on Sliver City

Bookings is not open for Silver City and people are flocking in droves to book plots in the housing society. These plots are of 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 kanal. They are divided into three sectors which are spread over 241 kanal of land.

You can book plots in the housing society by completing the booking form first, which will also require submitting the CNIC of the applicant. Then you have to make a payment as down payment which varies according to the size of your plot. It will be the 20% of the total cost.

This can be done as a pay order in favor of Silver City. After submitting your documents you can expect your files to reach within 30 days to your given address. You can decide if you want to buy a plot only in Silver City or you are looking for a bigger investment in real estate.

The Silver City housing project in both cases gets a strong recommendation from the real estate experts.

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why to invest in Silver City Housing Scheme

The most important reason for investing in any real estate project right now is the policy focus of the government due to which the real estate sector is on the rise in Pakistan at the moment. Another reason to do that is because of the development that is taking place in Rawalpindi which will facilitate the real estate sector on a higher scale.

One of those reasons is the development of New Rawalpindi Ring Road, which is a grand project by RDA, and it will connect many housing societies that are about to be built in the surrounding areas of the city.

The ring road will connect them all together with other important locations in the twin cities and access to the highways and motorways. This is a bigger picture for any investor to jump into the project and invest for a futuristic plan.

This project will mature with the development of a grand ring road. Moreover, real estate is also going to receive an additional boost because of the development of CPEC in the country that is going to make an interconnected Pakistan from Northern Areas to Balochistan.

There shall be a lot of interconnected activity in the coming days and therefore having an investment in a housing society present on the front end of that road shall be a long term strategy that can benefit not just you but the coming generations as well.

Therefore, if you are looking to invest your hard earned money then there is no better option than the Silver City which can become a profitable solution for your financial problems.

However, if you want to make a comprehensive choice then you should always look at the pros and cons of a project in order to weigh the option more carefully.

Silver City Pros & Cons

Silver City housing society is a once in a blue moon opportunity which can prove to be a great dividend in the times to come. You cannot get all the facilities and amenities in every housing society like the ones which are being offered in Silver City.

The life that you can enjoy in this housing scheme will be worth the money spent on buying the plot and construction of your home. The company has taken responsibility of the maintenance of living facilities such as roads, water supply, electricity and security therefore you will not have to spend any money on these issues and you can enjoy all of them for free.

The appreciation rate is going to be quite high for a residential plot in this area in the coming future as the developments can ensure a bright prospect for Silver City. Other facilities such as availability of health care, leisure activities and education also guarantee comfort of living.

The cons include a long distance which will be required to visit places in the center of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Another drawback of living in this area is the absence of local transport services which act as carriers for people in the mid town areas of the twin cities.

If you are used to living in the metropolitan areas or the hustle and bustle of a typical city then you will not find that kind of activity in this housing society due to its sub urban locality. Even though a lot of commercial activity will be present around the vicinity.


Laaraib Associate & Developers have got a name and experience of dealing with such kind of projects. They also have the expertise of SAREMCO Group at their side who are helping their cause. This is reason enough to trust the success of Silver City Islamabad and its future outcome as well.

On the other hand the housing society has all the facilities and amenities to offer which can make it a desirable place to live. The overall developmental focus of the government is on real estate sector which will also have an additional impact on the future of the housing society.

Plus, the approval by RDA is a surety for the sustainability of the housing project which was a necessity to attract investors. Any project that gets approved will have the interest of the investor therefore you can jump in with surety to secure your future investment in the project.

Some people are afraid of investing in off plan property projects such as high rise buildings so this place is a better option for them in order to invest in something tangible and conventional.

As a new housing society Silver City will have a strong competition with other upcoming housing schemes in the vicinity that will result in increased appreciation over the period of time, therefore this is a great investment opportunity.

The access to maneuver within the twin cities is one of the greatest features to have this place as your abode. But on top of it all the saying that home is where the heart is seems true when you look at the amenities of Silver City.

Your life will be unique and exclusive when it comes to the lifestyle that will become the hall mark of Silver City due to the fact that the residents will not only enjoy leisure time activities, but also have enough chances to indulge in sports as well as have the opportunity and platform to interact socially.

This surely, makes it a great place to settle down with your family and kids. The booking process is very fair and simple and the installment plans are quite reasonable which will not have an added burden on the buyer.

Nowadays, real estate investment is the safest and with an opportunity like Silver City you can have surety that your hard earned money has not gone to waste but has been invested in a very profitable long term project.

If you can afford to make this investment then the outcome will be worth the wait. However, you must keep in mind that the pre-launch rates will change afterwards therefore you will have to hurry and invest quickly.

A sustainable project also needs a strong management system and SAREMCO Group is the administrative and managerial support of this project. This is also a great characteristic which makes the Silver city project an object of great interest for the investors.

Making real estate as your source of business is a great option, so if you are starting in this business then it can also serve as a stepping stone for you.

Silver City Rawalpindi has all the traits and offers benefits for both residents and investors, and has ample opportunities to exploit. You don’t have to look further than this, take action now and invest in Silver City.

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