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40 Small Business Ideas in Pakistan


Maine, waking up on the exact time you desired of, having a delicious breakfast, work flexibility and no boss nor anyone else is there to ask you the question, Why Are You Late”!

If you are a smart brain person and wants to fly with the world innovation, questioning of smart business ideas then Yes, that is possible. We are going to list the best business ideas in Pakistan pulled together that can be used by beginners as a jumping point. We can understand that, if you are questioning yourself regarding the first step or startup of business in Pakistan, you should not worry because all you must do is to be systematic and thorough.

When it comes about a successful business in Pakistan it boils down the expectations as well as the profit we have been imagined on investment for a business plus the services and solution for the situation we have been providing in a quick innovation era.

To be a successful businessman and to run a business successfully according to the market demand then a great return on investment is to be ensured. However, both the return on investment and market demand alone has not been enough for a successful business plan but a strong research, daily updates, know-how of the competitors is also required.

People living in Pakistan are willing to achieve most favorable use of resources which can be on their hands on and since COVID-19 disrupted economy of the country and sent into downturn, an innovative group opted to become entrepreneurs and ready to invest in this segment considering as many possibilities as possible door in the future for themselves.

Best Business ideas to be your own Boss

If you’re a proactive person already thought about a solution for a problem, you encounter in your life and have the path of starting a small business which would be your future. This article is also for you if you are dreaming of clocking out of your 9 to 6 job for the last time and becoming your own boss. But while you feel ready for your new venture having passion about your idea, you might be looking for some direction.

Followings are the Easy and Small Business ideas

Before reading down, it has to be ensured that, smart work (market research, competitors’ know-how, innovation, and credibility) is the key to run any a business successfully.


Economic development has been now possible in the whole world with the development of E-Commerce.

Globally, it has grown in the past decade with a growth rate of thirteen percent. In this present year of 2021, it has been expected to reach $5.0 trillion. According to a prediction this has been expected that ninety five percent of all retails and sales will be facilitated online by the end of 2040.

Over the past years, E-commerce has been growing phenomenally and most of the sales has been made by domestic buyers.

So, keeping in mind these facts, one can easily get started his/her online business or can provide their services as well in a flexible time and with a good profit.

Ecommerce business in Pakistan

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has become quite evident with an increase of software houses and with the demand of Variety of digital marketing in Pakistan.

With this increase and demand, digital marketing opens the opportunities for remote workers, so that qualified freelancers, media students and writers can get an outstanding chance to work freely.

Due to the insufficient opportunity and high competition in Pakistan, online working is a best opportunity for an individual as well as for a company to survive in the era.

In digital world, an independent company or an individual can perform on the global level without any limitation and any restriction.

Digital Marketing Business Ideas


In the last five years, photography has been becoming a hot topic. With the enhancement and globalization in digital world every other household wants to take breathing shots. With this passion, photography has not been remained for a hobby but becoming a career choice.

Mostly youngsters are coming with this career in different fields and uploading their breathing pictures on social sites.

Pakistanis also demanding for professional photographers to make their work or memories remarkable. Although, the road to photography is rough and becoming a professional photographer is not easy. But you can make it smooth but boosting your skills and having a quality equipment.

Photography Business in Pakistan


A fully customized stationary shop provides all the useful and needy stationary material like pages, copies, register, and all other material, with colorful and ordinary printing facilities to customers.

Core focus of a stationary shop should be to provide and to deliver quality products to the customers. Moreover, the availability of the products is more important. Which will help you to build and enhance your reliability.

Before starting this business, you should ensure the location for a good start e.g., it should be near about schools and colleges and there should not be any other stationary shop.

Stationery Business in Pakistan

Event Management

People planning for a career in event management can easily step in this field by organizing and planning of small events.

Later on, large scale events can be organized and cover easily by putting the same experience of small events with little bit more potential and effort.

Sufficient work and good coverage will make and increase your reading fellowships as well.

Event Management Business in Pakistan

Graphic Designer

Graphic designing can be described as the art of communication through visuals by combining images and words to convey knowledge to the target audience.

Graphic designing is an emerging profession in Pakistan. You can start your career by making skills of Graphic Designing as a

  • Marketing Manager
  • Drafter
  • Product designer and
  • Multimedia Artist

Graphic Designing Business in Pakistan

Resume Writer

Resume writing is most important thing for job seekers. If you can make and design a creative and effective resume, then don’t wait of making it as a source of good earning.

But as a resume writer you must ensure that in this competitive country you cannot maintain a generic resume.

You should create a job specific resume by keeping in mind on content and job requirement with a suitable style.

Resume Writing Business Ideas in Pakistan

Voiceover Artist

The Scope for voiceover artist has been all set with a vast exposure.

You can start a bright future in radio station or in TV channels, production houses, or in a cinema.

All you need to make it a career require a sweet and an attractive voice for the audience. Moreover, strong command on English and Urdu languages with a clear tone, clear pitch, and easily understandable words.

Voiceover Artist business in pakistan

Tourism Management

Before moving to this field let us tell you that Tourism management is to ensure and making everything properly handled and minimizing any negative impact of productivity and financial results.

To make the tourist’s trip comfortable and memorial you should be tracking various travel expenses with a comprehensive travel strategy.

Travel Management Business ideas in pakistan

Café Owner

Having your own business is much better that working as an employee in someone else café. But before your own café, you must be working in someone else restaurant or café.

Pre-experience will certainly help you to plan and to run your café smoothly rather than just reading a book or watching it on YouTube.

Cafe Owner business ideas in pakistan


Now a days Real Estate is a well-known growing business in Pakistan. To be a professional Advisor you may adopt the new strategies to the market.

The basic concept of a good property advisor is to collaborate with owners and clients to create a great trust and to enhance the ability to help your client on your advice.

Moreover, good collaboration skills in a positive manner and your approach to interact, especially in conflict matters a lot.

 Advisor business ideas in pakistan

Marriage Bureau

It is difficult for a Pakistani family to discover and arrange the marriage ceremony in a thoughtful way.

It is not just moment to darkens the door of a matchmaker but to bound the two souls together.

To start this memorable and long-lasting business you should arrange a meeting with the concerned person to known about the participants of the ceremony, their background, and the age of the participants to make your arrangements in an attractive way.

Marriage Bureau Business ideas in pakistan

Social Media Manager

Social media is an easy and good platform for easy earning.

Being a social media manager, you just need to respect your audience, keep in mind the comprehensive details about target audience and deliver your communication in understandable and easy words.

Social Media Manager business ideas in pakistan

Import Export

Not everyone is an expert of doing import-export business, but it does not mean to avoid it. You can switch to this business or can start it as a new beginning by learning only few of the following points

  • Manufacturer of the desired product
  • Response and delivery time from manufacturer
  • Representation strategies and
  • To ensure the right Product and availability

Import Export business ideas in pakistan

Data Entry Operator

Data entry operator is one of the business that can break or make a someone business without any doubt.

Things that are necessary for a data entry operator are

  • To examine your entries
  • Validate the data
  • Cross check the stored data and
  • To ensure the right data at right place

Data Entry Operator business ideas in pakistan

Audio/Video Maker

Being a human, we consider ourselves as a decision maker but that is not true. Actually our 90% decisions we make are emotions based.

If you want to start this business, then make sure you are not alone. Because your audience mood and decision depend on the services you are providing to them. To make your business successful get the strong follow ups and make changing according to the recommendations.

Interior Designer

According to an expert, for a successful and smooth business of interior designing require a strong back up team. although back team can support you in many ways but this not the reason to lay down and to give an excuse of back up team.

Alone you can start it and can deliver a unique design to your client. Just make good relationship with client and their strategies, manage in a comprehensive way, and get the daily updates from market.

Interior Designer

Exterior Designer

A good exterior design is a basic need of everyone because mostly people see it and create an idea regarding the owner.

Being an exterior designer, you should provide and create good textures and colors, special entrance, and good quality windows to make your client feel proud.

Exterior Designer business ideas in pakistan

Fish Farming

Fish farming is the procedure of rising more fish in a pond or a water tank. For fish farming get the basic knowledge of different kinds of fish species.

To get the fishes rise successfully you need to know their growth environment and the opposite environment as well.

Having the enough knowledge of fishes, both the national and international market can reward you a handsome income.

Fish Farming business ideas in pakistan


Honey is important and nutritive food. Therefore, beekeeping is becoming more profitable and successful business in Pakistan.

There are some institutes providing training of beekeeping.

Beekeeper business ideas in paksitan

Certified Seed Production

During the past years agriculture industry diversified and expanded the business ideas for the customers.

With the new innovation and to fulfill the human and animal needs for their survival. Production of new seed is the ultimate desire of the world.

For the startup of the seed business, focus on your packaging material, designing, and decide the seeds your wants to deliver to your clients.

Certified Seed Production business ideas in pakistan

Poultry Farm

Poultry farming is a successful and most demanding business within the country.

Basic things for this business require focused chicken products, trusted chicks’ supplier, good location, and a reliable worker for your poultry farm.

Poultry Farm business ideas

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing

With an increasingly number of global pandemic COVID-19 people are panic and wants to protect themselves. For the reason they are buying expensive safety masks and sanitizers.

With the increasingly demand, both sanitizer and safety masks can be a very good business by utilizing few steps.

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing

Coffee Shop

Fortunately, Pakistan is a country where you can easily earn 4 to 5 thousands in a month.

Coffee is the most demanding in the world and in Pakistan after the crud oil. With the advancement and globalization, the secret of this business has not been remained in the hands of most expensive brands.

Things needs to be cover before a coffee shop is to do a market research, requirement of men, investment, required space, and concentration of market strategies.

Coffee Shop

Beauty Salon

Bridal makeup, facial treatment, and fashion industry required a quality services and they are happy to pay for a good service.

To open your beauty salon just get a minimum of 2000 square feet covered area, get a certification of beautician, if possible, to you otherwise your skilled must be visible in your services, buy a standard devices, and choose a lovely name for your salon.

Beauty Salon

Toy Store

Toy industries has been categorized and brought many small toy manufacturing factories too. In that terms domestically toy manufactures are making it frequently. However, metal toys and plastic toys has been importing to Pakistan from different countries, mostly from China.

As the demand of toys is high to meet the requirement focus on low price local production, purchase it from a reliable wholesaler, keep purchasing on trending products, and ensure the availability of limited toys in the beginning.

Toy Store business in pakistan

Marketing Researcher

To gather and analyze the data on both consumer and competitor is the core responsibility of a good marketing researcher.

All you need to do is to examine potential selling products or services. That will be helpful for the companies to understand their customer needs and price they are willing to pay.

Marketing Researcher Business in pakistan

Product Manager

To be a good product manager, marketing strategies, product lifecycle, complete information of the products, and customer requirements is the basic need.

Your role in product management for different companies will enhance and boost your leadership qualities.

Your main and simple role as a product manager will be just to solve people problems.

Product Manager Business in pakistan

Brand Advertisement

To conduct the market research, collaboration with your design and sales team, and monitoring campaigns performance will be your responsibilities as a brand advertiser.

To start a handsome earning as a brand advertiser you need to promote your advertisement through all possible channels. And follow the basic functions of advertisement including vital information, communication the product demand to your audience, making a base of your audience about the brand, making a comparative graph of your brand, and previewing market new trends.

Brand Advertiser business in pakistan

Car Wash Service

Car wash business is a highest profitable earning within the country with zero investment.

With very limited equipment you can start your services. If you want to provide full time service than it may be more time taking but can reward you with high profit.

Car Wash Service

Desi Food Services

Homemade food is an ultimate desire of the employees living without their families. For that reason, you can start your desi food services by taking an initiative of online.

No doubt, it is difficult to make your business profitable but there are many ways to make it successful. Here are the few tips you can implement in your business strategies

  • Make a customize list of your food you want to deliver
  • Take a survey of your audience to know about their food choice
  • Create business and meal plan

Desi Food Services


Blogging is a wonderful source of earning. But for that you need a high patient and great work to generate a good revenue.

Then give a suitable name to your blog, register it, and get hosting, customize it and promote it by delivering original and unique work.

Blogger business in pakistan

Makeup Artist

If you want to be a makeup artist, you can be involved in most exciting and important events of people lives.

There are many famous celebrities want to get permanent services of a good makeup artist. Television, film industries, dramas, and production house should be core focus for showing your skills.

Makeup Artist in pakistan

Ghost Writing

Ghost writing require extensive research work, but the rate run higher. Don’t worry, ghost writers are alive. To whom you want to deliver your service that person will share his/her ideas and thoughts then you should write articles, journals, blogs, reports, and books.

If you are a beginner and can deliver your services as a freelancer, then you can make $2000 to $7000 per day easily which is more than a handsome income.

Ghost Writing business in pakistan

YouTube Channel

To earn from a YouTube channel, you need 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours of watch time. After that your channel will be monetized and you will start earning.

YouTube Channel-01


Mostly Podcast creators deliver their services in an audio file to which anyone can download and use as audio playback support with the digital media.

To start podcasting you do not need to choose a fancy topic. Here you can select your desired topic and deliver it to your audience in an interesting way.

Moreover, smart phone can be your first equipment as a beginner.

Podcasting business in pakistan

Agriculture and Farming

Lots of opportunities are available in Pakistan in the field of agriculture and farming. After the awareness campaigns regarding crop and farming this business generating more revenue.

There are few techniques you can adopt in this business are to minimize soil disturbance, high yielding varieties, and efficient water management.

Agriculture and Farming

Fries Chips

Fortunately, both the red skinned, and white skinned varieties of potatoes are available in Pakistan.

Potato chips is profitable business and a processing plant in Pakistan. To start potato chips business, investigate the market, recognize your competitors, organize raw material like oil, potatoes, salt, flavors, and spices and packing material.

Fries Chips business in pakistan

Bird Farming

Bird farming is a best business opportunity for those love the nature and animals. This business will not only help you in good earning but will also enhance your understanding towards birds and animals.

Furthermore, there is no specific skill required to do this business.

Bird Farming business in pakistan

Fruit Canning

During the couple of years back, a growing population with a standard life want to get the frozen food. Additionally, rise in different stores, malls, and marts, demand has been also increased for the frozen products.

Within the country you can run your own business by fruit canning for jams, jellies, marmalades, squashes, etc.

Fruit Canning business in pakistan

Dairy Production

For a large-scale dairy production, you should need a large amount of milk for the more durable products. However, it is not necessary to deal with expensive machine for your dairy production.

Specially, you can deliver the dairy products containing milk, butter, yogurt, and cheese which are common and highly demanding products in Pakistan.

Dairy Production


Easy and small business ideas have been shared in a comprehensive and in an easy way but before starting your business you must be mentally prepare yourself thoroughly. Rather than getting all together, the best thing is to take one step at one time.

Always remain calm, maintain a little stamina and deal with the situation in a positive way.

Lastly, always remember and do the market research and keep updating yourself about your competitors.


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