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Why to invest in Regal Empire:

Why to invest in Regal Empire:

Islamabad is considered as second most beautiful capitals of world. Park view city is one of the prestigious projects in capital of Pakistan; main centre of attraction in park view city is its commercial down town because of its Dubai Marina style with 200 Kanal of lake and spread of commercial Portuguese structure in oval shape covering the lake.

Master Plan of regal empire

Real estate industry in Pakistan is one of the booming industry and playing very vital role to support the economy of Pakistan because of its direct and indirect linkage with 52 other industries, and this is the reason our government is also trying to support real estate industry from macro level standpoint. It’s an open opportunity for every patriotic Pakistani to invest in real estate sector and help boosting the economy of Pakistan.

Who don’t want to own an apartment/house or office in heart of capital among the beauty of Margilla view? For investors, they only get benefit, if they enter early in a market.

Park view city is at spot light these days because of its development status; many renowned brands have started building structures in park view city. Regal empire is facilitating its investors and end users with its prelaunch rates offer.

Regal Empire is incorporating its need of investors at all end because of its flexibility. For investors, who want to invest in shops have options of small as well as large apartments. With rental agreement, that Regal Marketing ensure our investor can get good return on investment.

Our investors, who want to invest in office space can have multiple options available as per their needs. Similarly, we have multiple options available in apartments, starting from Studio, One bed and two bed apartments.

 Regal Empire One Bed Room

Regal Empire is top notch project with a class finishing, that most of the companies are reluctant to provide. Our main goal is to facilitate our investors and end users in best way we can to make sure the world will recognize our brand with quality and uniqueness that we provide in our projects Regal Empire one Bed Apartments .

I believe, you are still wondering, how it will be a top-notch quality project? Let me make it simpler. Our structure will consist of Etihaad steel with grade 60 considering our structural design. Best way cement will play glue part with support of concrete generated through batching plant with quality of H2 of 4000 PSI.

For our electric needs, we are using top quality brand of Pakistan cables with Phillips buttons and lights along with sensor lights in lobbies and stair areas. 6*5 Hyundai elevator will serve our transportation needs.

Plumbing will be of master fit with cover of Porta ceramics and sanitary and touch of imported tiles, obviously, Nippon paint along with wallpaper will add value to our project, Semi solid doors with good quality hardware. Kitchen hood and nobs will only be NasGas and Kitchen/dress cabinets will only have branded with Al-noor Tactile.

I hope this will help you understand the quality of our project. Regal Empire Payment Plan


It doesn’t stop here, in same offer you’ll also get some value-added features like. Full furnished apartments, 1 year after sale services, Margilla Hills view, 24/7 working elevator, 24/7 security surveillance, wide roads, sensor lights, food court in vicinity and terrace view from your apartment.

 Regal Empire Floor Payment Plan


Prices of regal empire are market competitive after considering all variables, i.e. cost of land, standard of living and quality of construction. You can do price/value comparison of this project with any other project by yourself and do the comparison by considering all above factors in mind.

Investment in regal empire is not a cumbersome process, you can simply do the booking using our website or visit our Head or site office for bookings.

With that, regal marketing is one of the top-notch quality project in second largest capital of Pakistan surrounded by Margilla hills in Down Town of park view city Islamabad, which will be next commercial hub in Pakistan.

I believe, in coming years, people from all over the world will visit Pakistan and stay in commercial down town of park view city because of its attraction and beauty at that time, everyone will dream of owning his/her commercial residential property in Park View City Islamabad. This indeed is a best time to invest so that you can enjoy the fruits in future.

Last, but not least I will end this conversation on below lines.

Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value, it is most solid security that human ingenuity has advised. It is the basis of all security and about the only indestructible security – Russell Sage

Investing today will be the security to enjoy tomorrow and Regal Marketing will facilitate at it’s best to direct your investment to make good return on investment for your tomorrow’s security.


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